Packing for Camp

What To Bring to Camp

(Items may differ in our teen programs)

  •  A backpack
  • A water bottle
  • 1 or 2 bathing suits
  • 1 towel 
  • Plastic bag for wet items
  • Rain jacket or poncho (or expect a wet kid at the end of rainy days!)
  • Sunscreen that will be reapplied twice a day.

Lunch and One Snack

  • All lunches are refrigerated and stored by bunk (group) in a separate bag and placed in a refrigerator until it is time for lunch.
  • We ask that only Kosher-style lunches are brought to camp (i.e. no cheese and meat together, no pork or shellfish products)
  • We ask families to send in 1 morning snack.
  • J Camps provides popsicles as a snack in the afternoon.
  • On Fridays during Shabbat we also serve challah.
  • At J Camps we provide a NUT AWARE environment. We do not provide any foods that contain nuts and nut products and strongly encourage families to refrain from sending foods with nut products to camp.
  • Hot lunches are also available for purchase – Learn more