Current Families

Three campers in the woods laughing.

We are excited to welcome all of our families to J Camps this summer. Thank you for trusting us with this important job.

We take the responsibility of caring for your children very seriously and are training a wonderful group of staff to make this an unforgettable summer of growing, making friends, and participating in dynamic activities. Our camp team is dedicated to ensuring that our entire camp community has all the tools they need to enjoy a summer of growth and success. Your child will love spending their summer at J Camps and we cannot wait to meet them. Please call us anytime with your questions- before or during the summer camping season.

Check out our resources where you will find more information in regards to the upcoming camp season.


Emily & Ally

Emily Peisach Stern

Chief Program Officer
Dept.: J Camps

Ally Feldman

Assistant Director of J Camps
Dept.: J Camps

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